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Pavan Belagatti

Who is he?

20 something. Quoted as one of the youngest growth hackers from India and a marketing Influencer. He writes about marketing and growth hacking related topics, helps companies maximize their traffic and reach. Also a contributor on some of the top notch websites around the world like TheNextWeb, Influencive, ThriveGlobal, Tech in Asia, Linux Foundation, etc.

His Story

A guy from a middle-class family who failed in many Engineering subjects and took more than usual years to complete his engineering and lost interest in life without any focus. Came to Bangalore (Silicon Valley of India) to do his MBA when he had nothing left, everybody rejected him because of his low grades in Engineering and poor communication skills. Stayed in a small room with no electricity, having to spend $2 per day for the food, but full of dreams in his mind. Started his career with $77/month in a social media agency as an intern. As an intern, he was fascinated by the world of digital marketing, and from there he never looked back. He believes in working hard and aiming big.

His notable achievements so far,

  • Pavan’s tweet went viral on Oscars 2016 when Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar, and the tweet was quoted in Economic Times along with United Nations, Ellen DeGeneres and Kanye West.

Here is the link to the news: Leonardo DiCaprio breaks Oscar jinx, here’s how the internet reacted!

  • He won the first place in DZone’s guest blogging contest by getting around 300K views on his articles. It was a contest in which more than 250 tech guest bloggers participated worldwide.

DZone contest

  • In just six months, Pavan started writing on some of the top notch websites around the world like TheNextWeb, Tech in Asia, Thrive Global, Influencive, Linux Foundation, etc

Who is Pavan Belagatti

  • Recently, he was experimenting with the blogging platform Medium and wrote an article by joining one of the world’s best publication, Thrive Global and shared an article about solo travel, this particular article has gained more than 1.4k shares around the world and people are still sharing it every day. 1.2k shares alone from Facebook.

solo travel article by Pavan

  • His recent article on Influencive about Blockchain technology made a huge buzz on the internet by getting a lot of shares and appreciation by experts. And same with another article on personal branding, generated 743 shares.

Blockchain technology by Pavan Belagatti

personal branding article by Pavan

  • Pavan got interviewed by a famous radio show(podcast) Pensacola Business Radio on growth hacking and influencer marketing. Listen to the audio here

Podcast interview Pavan Belagatti

  • Not only about marketing and growth hacking, but he also writes about software technology and DevOps in particular. He alone has written more than 50 articles on DevOps so far.

DevOps author Pavan Belagatti

  • Because of his rich articles about DevOps, he soon became the top author who writes about DevOps a lot.

devops top authors

  • Pavan ranks among top o.1% of people who talk about Growth Hacking

Pavan Belagatti: Growth Hacker

  • And, why you should trust Pavan Belagatti when it comes to Growth Hacking? Ok, look below, he comes on the first page of Google for ‘youngest growth hacker’. Don’t believe? Check yourself.

Pavan Belagatti: Youngest growth hacker

These are some of his best wins so far and still more to come.

Ask him anything and get in touch with him through his social channels. Pavan is active on Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to work with him, contact him growthhacky@gmail.com

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