Podcast interview Pavan Belagatti

My First Radio Show (Podcast) Interview on Growth Hacking

Today, I would love to share my observation of getting featured on Podcasts for the first time. Since it is my first podcast interview, I am a bit excited to share the learnings with you all. Audio and video format of the content is doing well on the web. That is the reason many of these Read more about My First Radio Show (Podcast) Interview on Growth Hacking[…]

go viral

Tricks To Make Your Content Go Viral

Why do some things go viral while other don’t? This is one default question asked by many marketers out there. Understanding the psychology of your target market is a must. As soon as you get your first 100 so-called customers, you need to create a persona. A persona? Yes. This is what it looks like: Read more about Tricks To Make Your Content Go Viral[…]

guest blogging

Guest Blogging Tricks For Beginners

Guest Blogging is an Art Content marketing and creating a content strategy has always been growing from the day we all got to know that content is the king and when we say content creation, it is not about creating a lot of content without any value or goal attached, instead, it should have a Read more about Guest Blogging Tricks For Beginners[…]

Growth Hackers

Top 15 Growth Hackers Reveal Their Favourite Tools

Top Growth Hackers Reveal Their Favourite Tools: Hey Folks, Hope you all doing fine and I am here today with yet another interesting article for all of you. This time, it’s a research that I carried out for a month or so contacting the growth hackers around the world and asking them about their favorite Read more about Top 15 Growth Hackers Reveal Their Favourite Tools[…]

Growth Hacking Quiz For Beginners

Growth Hacking is all about mindset and has no boundaries. The same tools can be viewed and used in many different ways. For example, I can use Twitter to get traffic to my website and can also use this to find relevant influencers in my industry. What is Growth Hacking exactly? It is a process Read more about Growth Hacking Quiz For Beginners[…]

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