11 Best SEO Tools To Outrank Your Competition Easily

Search Engine Optimization is one thing that is getting a huge amount of attention in the recent times. With the increase in the number of startups and new products, SEO has become a must activity for the organizations to optimize their pages for search engines and make them more search engine friendly. A way to

A way to signal the search engines to crawl and index the pages. We already know hundreds of tools out there on the internet but today, I am going to share a small list of the best and less known tools that can actually do the trick for you.


spotibo on-page SEO tool

Over the years, digital marketers and in particular SEO specialists were looking for that one tool which can handle end to end on-page SEO facts and analyze the webpage with accuracy, with the crowded market, it was too hard to find the right on-page SEO tool, but I believe we have found a tool to do that now. Spotibo is created especially for your on-page SEO analysis. With Spotibo, you can save hours of time and gain insights on your on-page SEO factors, this tool suggests accurately the things you should be doing to fix your on-page SEO and rank higher on Google search results page.
It offers an automatic evaluation of your site, so you can replace your SEO checklist with it. Just insert your site and wait few minutes for the result. If you want to try it, it is free for up to 500 URLs.

SEO Power Suite

Best SEO tools

SEO Power Suite is my personal favorite, this is a software you can download from the link above. It’s a combination of 4 different tools that you get.

Website auditor

Rank tracker

Link assistant

SEO Spyglass

All four tools do different activities that help you analyze your current SEO situation and correct the mistakes. This is a free tool to a certain extent and you can give a try.

Traffic Travis

Top SEO Software

Traffic Travis is an ultimate SEO software for your SEO and PPC management needs. You can use this tool to analyze both on and off page SEO, also to spy on your competitors and their keywords. This tool is also available for free trial and if you want, you can always upgrade it.

Screaming Flog SEO Spider

Best SEO Tools 2017

Screaming frog is a software that crawls and throws out all the links if the mentioned website along with SEO related facts and suggestions. This tool fetches the on page elements of the given website and helps you analyze if something is wrong. For example, it shows if there are any duplicate titles, descriptions, URLs etc and many other important things. This tool is, however, free but you can always upgrade it to the next level.


SEO Tool Kompyte

Kompyte is an amazing tool to spy on your competitors. This tool not only provides insights about the SEO but also shows the recent changes happened to your competitor’s web pages and for which keywords your competitors are ranking for. Important data about our competitors is what we all want and this tool does it perfectly. I must say, this is the best tool out there to spy and kill your competition.



MOZ is a popular tool and everybody knows about this. I really liked the way it does inbound link analyses, keyword research, SEO audit and Rank tracking. This is an all in one tool for your SEO needs. MOZ is also a trusted brand when it comes to SEO and digital marketing. It’s better to give and try to know how it works.


Epictions SEO Tool

EpicBeat is an amazing tool for your content marketing efforts along with SEO. This tool shows you some cool insights about the most shared and influential content for a particular keyword. By this, you can know the influencers who are talking about a particular keyword and also analyze the top content that went viral and write a similar type of content and apply the SEO tactics needed.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner SEO Tool

Google Keywords Planner is one such tool whose popularity will never fade, why? Because it’s from Google and the data is almost accurate. Almost 90% of the digital marketers in the world use this tool for their keywords analyses to see the competition level and search volume for a particular keyword. With a lot of customization available, this tool still is the king when is comes to keywords research and analyses.

Webpage FX

Webpage FX SEO Tool

Off page SEO is also as important as on page SEO and Webpage FX is one such platform that can help you find relevant discussions happening around a particular keyword where we can go and contribute. This tool helps in link building by finding the better websites/forums for you to go and participate in the discussions. If not exactly link building, at least this tool can help you get some traffic to your website.

LSI Keyword Generator

LSI Keyword Generator

We all know, for some strong keywords with high competition, we can rank easily. So, we choose long tail keywords to rank for where the competition is less. There is a term called ‘LSI’ (Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords), these are the keywords which are a kind of synonyms and long tail to your primary keywords. This tool, helps you generate related keywords that you can use on your blogs/articles and website to rank for.



I have no words to describe Ahrefs tool, I use this tool for almost 2 years now and is getting better and better. One stop for all your SEO needs and can do whatever you say it to do.

Site explorer to see your website’s backlink research analysis, organic traffic and the keywords you are ranking for.

Content explorer is one more feature where you can see the popular content for the specific keyword and how many shares it has got and where.

Then keywords explorer, to see the ranking difficulty and volume, who is ranking already for your keywords.

These are the best tools if you talk about SEO.

You may also want to see my latest blog ‘How To Rank Higher For Your Keywords on Google‘ to know more about how to use keywords and how to rank them on the first page of Google.

Hope you like this article and le me know if you have any better SEO Softwares or tools.

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