12 SEO Mistakes To Avoid in 2017

SEO is the important aspect when it comes to online marketing. You do everything and have a fancy looking website, but it lacks SEO, what is the point? There are some important points you need to take care before promoting your business online.

12 Notable SEO Mistakes

  1. Focusing on too many keywords: Focusing on too many keywords will distract your plan and strategy. Take one keyword at a time and try to test it thoroughly. Discuss what type of keywords matter the most to your business, and you want to rank for.
  2. Keyword stuffing: Don’t get too excited and use the targeted keyword on every paragraph in your blog. Doing this will harm you and Google will surely know that you are doing this intentionally and puts your pages in a spam folder.
  3. Improper usage of H1 and H2 tags: You need to make sure your targeted keywords are highlighted well in your page and should be wrapped as H1 and H2. Google will know the importance and the theme of the page by looking at H1 and H2.
  4. Not having a unique description for each page: You need to have to describe each page on your website uniquely. Else, the same description serves as a duplication on all pages. Having different description for each page helps Google know what the page is about and when it should retrieve that particular page.
  5. Including very poor and unnecessary links: While doing outbound linking, you need to make sure you are referring high authority pages. If you link to a poor page that has low domain authority, it impacts your SEO.
  6. Not publishing blogs on a regular basis: Content is still the king, and you need to update your website with fresh and original content on a regular basis to be in the game of SEO. Good content attracts the real audience and serves as a powerful tool for SEO.
  7. Not using ALT tag to the images and using poor quality images: Just using a good looking image is not enough, you need to describe the image in an ALT tag because Google bots can’t read images, But they read ALT tags. Be smart and describe images with sy=trong keywords that matter to you.
  8. Not understanding the importance of guest posting:  Guest posting is the most neglected factor when it comes to SEO. Getting a story published on a well-known and high authority platform with a link back to your domain means a lot. It will not only help in SEO but also in branding and a good amount of traffic.
  9. Writing like a robot without understanding your customers’ problems: When you should be adding fresh content at regular intervals, it doesn’t mean you should be one robot and write whatever you want. A proper analysis is required to know what your current and potential customers like to read and share. Remember, you are writing for humans not for bots.
  10. Not following the trend and writing content about old stuff: See what is trending in your industry and try to write an opinion about it. Trending topics and viewpoints sell well with readers, and if it is really good, they share it on social media and that is what you want.
  11. Not using keyword research and SEO analysis tools: Always use already available tools. There are so many tools available to check the status of your SEO; they also show you what to fix and how to fix. Use Google keyword planner and see the search trends and the search volume for your keywords and plan accordingly.
  12. Poor link building strategies: You might see some ads about automatic link building software, these are a waste of time. Find only trusted websites, social bookmarking and directory submission sites and share your link. Don’t just go around and throw your link wherever possible; this will just harm you and increase your spam score.

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These are 12 mistakes I feel where we are making mistakes with SEO.

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