15 Ultimate Growth Hacking and Productivity Tools for Startups

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Today I am going to share a list of ultimate growth hacking and productivity tools for startups. The tools that will help you easily manage, track, report and grow your business.

Ultimate Growth Hacking and Productivity tools

Here is a combined list below,

  • Visme – Let me tell you one thing, this is my personal favorite tool and I recommend this tool to every startup and professionals to use. This tool is buzzing in the world of content marketing. You can create presentations, infographics, reports and any other content marketing visual things. This tool outranks any other content marketing, infographics creation tool easily since it has a lot of amazing features in it. They have an amazing set of ready-made templates, text styles, charts and data widgets, different types of shapes, you can upload videos & audio in your project/slides and give different effects. Once your project is done, you can preview it to see how it looks. After publishing, you can download your work/project as image, pdf etc. You can easily share your work/project to any social media channel. You can also embed it on your website easily. What else you need to make your content visuals go viral?…This tool is enough.



  • Stencil – Create amazing visuals that appeal to your audience. This is a ridiculously simple image creation tool for social media marketers, bloggers, and small businesses. This tool helps you create your own custom images and the tool is really simple to use. You can use it to the certain extent but some images and features are locked so you have to pay and get them but Its worth a try. They have really cool background images, icons etc according to the theme you choose. This tool helps you to create images immediately without any effort and makes your image look so stunning that your image will go viral.


  • FameBit – This tool has taken influencer marketing to another level. This is the place where brands, marketers, creators and influencers meet. It’s a platform where you can choose the channel you want your brand to go viral on, it can be Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. After choosing on which platform you want to get promoted, you need to prepare a proposal on the inbuilt template available, set your budget and publish it. Influencers will start approaching you and you can then decide which influencer to choose and give your work to them. This is the best tool but bit costly.  You can use this tool and make your brand go viral on different platforms easily.


  • Papyrus – Easy way to create ebooks and convert your blogs and articles into a book format with only one click. Ebooks creation and circulation have been a successful growth hacking tricks. If you have seen, many successful bloggers will create ebooks and ask people to download it on their website after submitting their email and name. Papyrus gives you a very simple online editing interface to create your books with Drag and Drop cover designer to create a beautiful cover page in minutes. Write anything amazing that people like to read, may be your hacks or industry facts or case studies then create an ebook using Papyrus and ask your website visitors to download it.


  • GoAnimate: Amazing video creation tool. We all know, video marketing is buzzing around so much nowadays and yes videos can convey better than texts and images. You have a startup and you want to convey your messages & important content in the form of a video? This tool is perfect for you. Readily available images, icons, characters with actions and many more features. You can use premium audio in the background. Very easy and simple drag & drop options. Easily download in HD and share to the world. This is the best tool to create videos about your products, educational videos, tutorials etc.


  • Asana – Asana is a must tool for startups to track each others work and its status. As we all know, startups need some time to get on track with their company work procedures, individual roles, and responsibilities. Also, knowing the status of any work/project is a big headache in startups. Asana is here to take care of this headache and gives a clear visibility of any project and it’s status. This tool enables you to know who is working on what and what is the deadline, focus of the work. Isn’t it an ideal robotic tool for a startup? Yes, it is. You can get reminders (mail) if you are running out of your deadlines. It just works like one of the team members.


  • Slack – Slack is a real-time professional messaging app for teams. You have a startup and you can’t keep texting your team members on Whatsapp or Skype every day, Isn’t it? It’s a waste of time hence we have Slack for that. On Slack, you can create teams and have real conversions with your team members. Very cool idea behind slack, it keeps your conversation private and you can also chat with your team members while on the go. Easy to use and such a great messaging app.


  • Buffer – Buffer is a social media management tool that enables you to share anything on multiple social media platforms. You can publish in one go. You can schedule your content as you like. This is a must tool for social media marketers. When you have any campaign, product launch, event or a show etc then you can make use of this tool to schedule the social media messages in advance and relax. Isn’t it so cool? I use it regularly. It reduces your time and effort of going to every individual social channel (Facebook, twitter, G+, Pinterest etc) and making a post.


  • SimilarWeb: This tool helps you know the insights about your website and apps. How well your website or app is built. This gives you a complete understanding of where you stand in terms of your global and country rankings. It gives you a fair idea about your competitor’s rankings, traffic sources, top countries, similar websites/apps, search insights etc. You can use it for free and you will see a clear data and very easy to understand.

similar web

  • Ahrefs – If you are on a link building process for your startup and want to see the results, I would recommend this tool for you. This tool is enough to show you every data about your link building status. With this tool, you can track your backlinks, keywords, brand mentions and know what your competitors are doing. This is what most SEO specialists use and it’s highly recommended tool. This tool gives an overall analytics about your domain health, referring domains, total backlinks and their status on whether they are do follow links or follow links. You can change the date range to see the link building status and can know which websites are working for you and which are not.


  • ContentMarketer.io – You have written a blog post about your startup and want to reach out to your industry experts, good idea but how? This tool helps you double your traffic through personalizing your tweets or emails so that they can reach individuals with a unique message mentioning them. You can compose your message easily with available templates and customize them accordingly and send them to people you would like to. Very simple but powerful content marketing tool it is. You can send wonderful emails with the available templates that allow you to modify and customize your message and recipients accordingly. You can promote your blog posts, startup, campaigns etc

content marketing

  • TwitterFeed – Very simple but ultimate tool that helps you share any content on your social channels automatically. You need to connect your social channels (Facebook, Twitter etc) with this tool and then select your favorite websites, this tool will get the RSS feeds of the websites you select and allows the posts to show on your timeline as if you tweeted/posted them(similar to the original content). If you are a startup then you can select your industry leaders and any bloggers websites, this helps save time and effort of tweeting every time and also your timeline will be full of relevant posts.

Twitter Feed

  • Click to Tweet – The easiest way to promote, share & track your content on Twitter (and it’s free). You can personalize any message you want, this tool will generate a code which you can use it anywhere on your website. This tool is really cool when used on your blogs. This encourages your readers to tweet what you want them to tweet. You can track the tweets, link clicks etc. You will get a free report to your mail about this activity.

click to tweet

  • BuzzSumo – This is a recommended tool if your startup is about content creation/generation. Also helps you with amazing most shared and trending topics with the time range. Can know who are the set of key influencers for a particular keyword/topic on the web. You can also analyse about your competitor’s website, to which post they got number of shares/likes and on which platform. You can pick the category, like fashion, entertainment, sports etc and know the hot topics.

buzz sumo

  • Affimity – You are a blogger or a startup and don’t know where to promote your content for free? Affimity is here to help you. Affimity is a next generation social media and here you find the most relevant people and content which is categorized beautifully.  Since they have categories like Food, Music, Startup, Parenting, Gaming, Fitness, Fashion etc, it is very easy for you to share your content on the category that matters to you. You must get relevant traffic to your website if you have posted on Affimity. I don’t think many of you have tried this but yes, this works really well. Signup, choose your channel, share your content, see the magic by yourself.


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Hope these tools are enough to help you in your growth hacking and startup productivity journey.

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