7 Growth Hacking Tools For SAAS Businesses in 2018

We all agree with this, it is not that easy to market and promote SAAS products and companies, it takes more time, effort and commitment than others. Even though growth hacking is all about mindset, you still require some tools to outrank your competition. SAAS growth hacks are easy when you have a proper set of tools with you. Today I am going to list seven tools that you can use to growth hack your SAAS business.

1. Lumen5

Lumen 5 video tool

Hope you know videos are going to rule the internet marketing world and they are already. Don’t you think you need a tool to create wonderful videos without spending time in learning the tool itself? I think Lumen5 has done its research and hence has come up with such an easy tool for every marketer out there to help create real videos in minutes.

2. Outreach.io

outreach.io email tool

People get serious when you contact them through emails, that is more professional and makes the receiver take you seriously. All I want to say is, email marketing still works you if have better tools with you. Outreach.io is one such tool that can help you automate your email marketing, also has an AI-enabled system. Outreach tool has so many cool features that can help you get noticed and get a reply back from every potential customer you reach out to.

3. Hubspot

HubSpot CRM tool

Hubspot should be your one tool when it comes to inbound marketing, sales, and marketing. You can manage everything in one place, and the dashboards are so well organized that can help you what part of your marketing is doing well and what is wrong. All in one CRM tool for managing, tracking and reporting your sales and marketing activities.

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs SEO tool

Ahref is the only tool that can help you do in-depth analysis on SEO and hack your competitors’ keywords and links to the full extent. This SAAS SEO tool works amazingly well; the dashboards are just mind-blowing. Just put your competitor’s webpage URL you want to analyze, the tool does the magic and shows the metrics of linking domains, domain strength, keywords, potential keywords and more.

5. Qualaroo

Qualaroo feedback tool

Marketing, product & UX experts love this tool; it helps them get valuable feedbacks from the visitors. The feedback answers can be easily collected and can be used to gain valuable insights and make personalizations according to the user. This tool helps you approach your customers in a more targeted fashion. A simple but a powerful tool for real customer insights and feedback.

6. Useproof

useproof is a social proof tool

No matter how well you design your website and put a lot of money on your marketing, you need some real customers talking about you, and this is very important in the internet marketing world. Social proof is one thing that can help gain trust among your potential customers. It is not just people talking about your products/services on some random channels, and such talks should be organized well and be shown where they make more sense, for example, on your pricing page. Useproof helps you collect and show such data where it matters the most on your website, at critical decision-making points where customers usually come in contact with.

7. Unbounce

unbounce lead generation tool

Unbounce is the best landing page builder in the market right now. Its okay if you don’t know to code, you can just drag and drop things to make your landing page look beautiful. So many features and free templates available for free, you can see which one fits your needs and use. You can add popups, do A/B tests, add easy SSL encryption to the web page.

These seven interesting SAAS growth hacking tools should help you outrank your competition easily in this highly competitive market. Contact me if you want me to add other SAAS tools to the list.

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