7 Tips to Build Credibility on Social Media

Social Media, a fascinating topic to discuss. I never thought social media could be so powerful because all I knew was posting selfies. Believe me, Social media has completely changed my life. How? I am going to share seven tips that helped me go from zero to becoming a hero.

Learn the basics of social media

Before actually jumping to creating your account/profile on different social media sites, you need to understand and spend some time knowing how these different social channels work. You can take a small course on Udemy about an introduction to social media. This will help you understand the fundamental aspects of social media. Then, deep dive and know yourself how different social media platforms work.

Take some successful people’s account and research the type of posts they do and their interaction with the fans.

Start creating accounts and updating posts. Give time for each social media channel, at least a month to each and see what is working for you. Be consistent and keep an eye on the analytics. It will help you understand what type of audience is liking your posts/content and what changes you can do accordingly. Once you know something is working and has consistently given you results, use that platform and scale it.

Be consistent and share your thoughts

Consistency is a must. If you post something today and if you don’t get any interaction for your post, don’t stop. Winning in social media is not that easy. You need to give people unique content, design and something valuable. Take your time to understand where you want to focus and try different types of texts and images. Start sharing your expertise in the form of long posts on these social channels.

Stick to the one that is giving you results. Don’t copy others posts, take and talk your voice. You might not get it initially but you will for sure. Use high-quality images and tools like Canva to add your identity/branding to the images. People start treating you as a brand once you start producing good and consistent content.

Join different active groups

Joining various groups on social media has a significant advantage of getting like-minded people and making valuable connections. You need to share your thoughts and posts on such relevant groups; people start noticing you. Help others in your network, and this is a great trick. Joining different groups will help you increase your reach, and people start following you when you start giving and sharing value. Here also, be consistent with all these groups. Start connecting with each individual and talk to them on a regular basis, ask them what they do and share the knowledge. Try to inculcate a bond in between and be excited about the connections you make on social media.

Connect with the like minded people

No matter what social platform you are on, always try to connect with the people who think like you. Connecting with like-minded people boosts your knowledge and helps you know the things you are missing. Knowledge sharing and exchange are two good ways to grow on social media. By connecting with like-minded people, you tend to cross promote each other’s thoughts and that in turn boosts your credibility. You can always seek help if you are in confusion or making a decision, your community will always assist you since they are nothing but the extended part of you. There are also many opportunities when you connect with people just like you.

Schedule your posts

Most of the times, we tend to forget the different time zones and restrict ourselves to post whenever we are free. It is not about being free or not but reaching the target market. Your posts might be doing well in other time zones, so you need to schedule a post when you are asleep or not on those channels. This will help your people know that you care. It is all about test and tries, social media scheduling platforms like Buffer can let you know the best times to post, and you can post your updates accordingly when many people can see them.

Use high-quality images

An image is equivalent to thousand words. Be creative and unique with your copy and design, the image you use. The color codes and theme matter.

It is not just fine to take any picture and share it on your social profiles. You need to search for that high-quality image and make it all yours by adding your own theme to it. Use tools like Canva to create these pictures/images and add your logo and tagline. The design is one of the important factors to go viral. Content, we all know is the king but when it is associated with an excellent image, then it is unstoppable.

Help your community

Always try to give back to the community. This builds your credibility and trust. People start noticing you and asking you for help when they feel stuck with something that you know. Helping is a good way to keep in good terms with your audience. You might see a lot of experts giving out their secret tips, e-books, pdfs, suggestions on social media, they do this because they want to nurture their following and when the fans share it with others or on their timeline, it is definitely going to help increase the reach. Whenever you get time, give shout out for others whenever they good and share something important.

Start today and try to execute each one and believe me, you are going to make it.

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