Content Marketing Hack: Get More Targeted Clicks from Others Content

Content marketing still rules the world of digital and online marketing. Killer content can bring in a lot of qualified traffic. Hold on, and it is not just about creating content, it is also about how well and where you promote it. Numerous communities need more attention and can reap an enormous benefit when you get active on such platforms.

Today we will see some easy hack to get more clicks on your website from others content. Is it possible? Yes, it is.

Follow me, and I will show you how.

The steps are as below,

1. Find the best content BuzzSumo

buzzsumo for content marketing
Create a free account on BuzzSumo and search for the content for your strong keywords that fall under your industry. Something that you would love to share on your social channels. When you search for such keywords, BuzzSumo is going to show you the most shared content (articles, guest post, videos, etc.), What you have to do is collect these articles in an excel sheet.

2. Use to add your custom CTA
Now you have the most talked and shared articles with you, the ones that got more attention. Go to and create a free account, then you set up your custom call to action and a link back to your article or website or a signup form.

sniply tool for content marketing

3. Add your custom CTA on articles
Once you create your custom CTA, add them to all the articles that you collected from BuzzSumo. You just added your own message to the most popular content on the web, how cool is that? Next step is the promotion.

growth hacking content

4. Share the links on all the social media channels
Promotion is critical; it is not just about sharing the links on your social channels but also on some of the active communities like Reddit, HackerNews, Inbound.Org, GrowthHackers community.

Results time,

You can see my results and I think it is enough to prove this hack works fine.

sniply content marketing tool

Bounce rate only 10% with a total of 112 targeted clicks.

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