Digital Marketing Action Plan For Beginners 2018

Digital Marketing Action Plan

Digital Marketing nowadays has become an integral part of every organization. If you don’t have a plan or a digital marketing team, it ‘s hard to sell your product or service. Wherever I go, people ask me one thing, ‘How To Start With Digital Marketing?’….. I understand, we all have that problem while starting anything new, in this article I’ll show you a simple Digital Marketing action plan that you can use.

I always suggest people read before even taking any action, it can be anything, while learning a new tactic, subject, etc. Be clear with your basics first then go on. Likewise, It is essential to know the do’s and doesn’t of digital marketing before proceeding.

Some questions you might ask yourself,

Why should I do digital marketing?

What are my digital marketing goals?

Who is my target audience?

What is my budget?

Do I need a proper process to start?

Find the answers before even jumping to take any action. Digital Marketing is must but where to start with, is the question. A plan of action items is necessary to give you a brief idea of the direction and to keep up with the end goals.

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You can follow this blueprint as your digital marketing action plan.

Action Item Tips to achieve
Increase the website reach on search engines – SEO
(For specific keywords, use long tail preferably)
> Quality link building
> Relevant Forum posting/ Guest blogging
> Asking questions & answering tricks (Quora, Yahoo, etc.)
Google Analytics – Tracking > Add custom content analyzing Dashboards (already available in GA)
Social Media Marketing > Daily 2 rich updates on your brand’s social media profile/page
Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc
Email Marketing > Select a platform like MailChimp
> Prepare the content to be delivered to the target audience
> Get a list of already available & potential emails(target audience)
Search Engine Marketing – SMM > Start with ‘search network only’ ads
> Then Go for ‘Display network only’ ads
Theme based Contests > Start a simple contest on your Facebook page (Simple Like, Share, tag & comment options)
> Start Twitter contests promoting with specific hashtags (ask some contest freaks to promote the contest further)
Facebook Ads > Start Facebook ads for more targeted Likes, Promote website, etc
Twitter Ads > Start Twitter Ads to promote particular content or with Twitter cards
Create Google Webmaster’s Account > Create a Google Webmasters Account & verify the website
> Analyzing the website insights – Keywords, How well Google can find the site and see indexing mechanism
Clean & bright videos educating people about your site (Create YouTube account to upload all your videos) > Use free video making software available with voice over & explain the website & functionality
> Give more focus on the features available compared to your competitors
Active part of LinkedIn Groups > Join the relevant groups
> Make connections & take part in the conversations
Yahoo answers > Search for relevant topics, participate & contribute
> Give your website link on your signature & also in your comment whenever possible (don’t act like a spammer)
Create Influencers online > Follow such influencers on Twitter, tag them & retweet their tweets.
> Search for similar websites & go to their Blog section to share your thoughts & also give a link back
Gamification Concept > Adding a micro-site that encourages people to engage more on your website
> Points & Rewards when people reach different levels
Pop-ups & important notifications > A well-designed pop-up can enhance the effectiveness of a message to convey
> Even when we try to do any contest, it can be conveyed well through these pop-ups
Google Adwords – Mobile App marketing promotion > Start with Search and Display ads. Mobile App installs campaign through Google Adwords

Try each action item accordingly and let me know the results. There are many ideas that I might have missed, but for a beginner and startup, these action items are enough. I’ll try to cover some other next time.

Also, you can refer this Step by Step SEO Guide from Neil Patel.

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