Google Optimize: AB Testing Made Easy [Step by Step Guide]

We look out for so many tools out there on Google to growth hack and increase the efficiency of our landing page. Some people even go for the paid tools since they don’t want to invest time in learning and figuring out the free tools and tactics available. In the process, we miss out a lot of exciting tools and platforms that are well trusted and completely get the work done without even spending a penny.

Yes, today we are going to talk about one such tool by Google most of the people don’t know, it is ‘Google Optimize‘.

Image Source: Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a tool by Google for AB testing and much more. I will not go to the history of when it was launched and other details but will show you the tutorial to see how we can do AB testing with this tool. For further reading of when it launched, you can check out this Venture Beat’s article, ‘Google Optimize A/B testing tool for websites launches out of beta globally.’

Ok, let’s see how we can test a simple landing page button through the Google Optimize.

Prerequisites for the experiment,

  • You should have a website 
  • Google Analytics installed 
  • Google Tag Manager connected (with some basic understanding of how Google Tag Manager works)

Step 1 – Search for Google Optimize on Google and log in through any of your Gmail accounts.

You should see this screen and click on ‘Get Started.’


Step 2 – Choose the account settings and agree to the terms and conditions. Click on Done

Step 3 – You will now see a dashboard where you need to complete some simple setups to start your AB testing experiment.

Step 4 – You can edit and name your container

Step 5 – Now, Connect your Google Analytics account. You can capture the report and details of your AB testing on your Google Analytics.

Step 6 – You need to install two code snippets on to your website, and that takes care of deploying the Google Optimize on your site.


I managed to add this first code snippet Optimize code through GTM (Google Tag Manager). Didn’t add the 2nd code that says Minimize page flickering (but still this should work fine, and if you want, you can add the 2nd code also for the safer side). The 2nd code should be added manually to your website.






How to manage the first code from GTM?

Login to your GTM account and create a Tag with the already available ‘Google Optimize’ tag configuration option.

Add the ID from the snippet you got from Google optimize account and select your Google Analytics ID in the next box and trigger this tag on ‘All Pages’. Save and publish the tag.


Once you are done with the code setup and tracking, let’s go back to our Google Optimize AB testing account.

Step 7 – Start your experiment, click on create an experiment and give it a name. I have selected A/B test since I want to test the buttons on my landing page.

Step 8 – Once you click on create, you will enter the experiment details screen. Click on ‘New Variant’ and here you need to create a new variant.

Step 9 – Here you need to start making changes on your page that you want to AB test. Here, you will be asked to install the Google Optimize chrome extension for the experiment. Then you will enter the experiment mode on your page that you want to AB test. Make possible changes, save and run the experiment.

On my website, I changed the Follow on LinkedIn button color on the home page and started the experiment today.

You can see the experiment data and analytics in your Google analytics also.

This is just a simple experiment I showed you here, but we can do a lot more things with this Google Optimize. The analytics data you will get has a lot of potentials and can help you take better decisions on UI and UX of your website or any page you test.

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