Guest Blogging Tricks For Beginners

Guest Blogging is an Art

Content marketing and creating a content strategy has always been growing from the day we all got to know that content is the king and when we say content creation, it is not about creating a lot of content without any value or goal attached, instead, it should have a proper information along with unique value proposition and useful in one or the other way to your target market.

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Even writing any blog or article should have a proper goal and value, you need to analyze and have a strategy before creating content and publishing it online. For example, the aim of writing this blog is to make marketers understand how important it is to tap the top sources of information/platforms and share your writings or articles there. How to do it? I am going to explain it here.

It is not only about sharing content on your website, it is also important to search for platforms that accept your articles because the reach from guest posting is more and is more valuable.

Why Guest Posting?

Guest posting, when carried out properly, can enhance your brand to a new level. Everyone is in the urge of creating valuable content and when you approach someone with such a need and ask them if they can showcase your article on their platform, the probability of accepting your content is more.

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Before approaching others for guest posting, you need to align yourself with their business goals and what they want from you as a guest other. A proper study and analysis are required before approaching to guest post on any other website.

Guest posting is powerful in terms of,

Authoritative backlinks and hence helps off page SEO – Ranking for some strong keywords

Good relationship with other platforms


Guest Posting Trick:

  1. The powerful tools when it comes to search for guest posting opportunities are Google and Twitter. Get on to Google and Twitter and search with keywords you are willing to write for. Example, ‘keyword’ or ‘guest post on keyword’
  2. After searching for your keywords, you get so many search results, the next step is to analyze the content, take a look at the first page of the search result and you will find some guest posts, check their writing style and look at their website if there is any tab about guest posting opportunities. If there is nothing, tag them on Twitter and ask or get content editor’s mail id. How? use this tool Email Hunter and find anybody’s mail. Mail them and ask for guest posting.
  3. One more easiest thing is, to contribute to open forums where your target market is on. Sign up for such forums and start contributing. This is also a form of guest posting. In such forums, your articles get into a moderation zone and if valid then get approved.
  4. Always include your signature at the end of your guest post on other sites and hyperlink it as per your requirements, it can be your website, product page, etc
  5. Start connecting with editors on LinkedIn and ask them if they accept the guest posts.
  6. With tools like BuzzSumo, know what type of content has gone viral with your desired keywords and this will give you a hint on the type of content that you need to or can produce.
  7. Always have a set of articles draft ready for the backup so that you can just share them whenever someone asks for them.
  8. Always be active on Twitter and LinkedIn as said before, there are a huge number of opportunities that you can find online on such platforms.
  9. If you have filled any guest posting submission form on any website, there will be editors and content coordinators that will get in touch with you for further clarification, share the required facts to them.
  10. Once your content is published on others website through your guest posting, always try to post the same content on other blogging platforms like Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, Reddit, Google Plus, Facebook Groups etc

This is just a small trick explained and advice from my side for all the beginners and bloggers who want to do guest blogging and increase their brand value.

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