How I Made My Tweet To Reach 100K People?

Hey folks,

I was wondering, should I tell this secret to you guys or not. Its fine to share knowledge and yes here it is, the ultimate secret on Twitter that can help you reach many people and get a good traffic.

I am going to talk about this tweet that trended for #Oscars2016 and was able to get many re-tweets, likes, traffic and reached over 100k people on Twitter.

Credits to pictoline

And this is the stats of that one Tweet

Pavan Belagatti Tweet

What’s important on Twitter?

Prior analysis is must and should, the messages on Twitter have short life span. You must keep an eye on the big events and trending posts/hashtags on Twitter. You need to make sure which trend can match up to your field and where you are willing to direct the traffic. As we can see, nowadays many nonsense things trend on Twitter. You need to make sure to choose the trending facts that are organically trending.


How I did this? 

You need to pick the ones that can have a good potential. Its not only about the beautiful way of writing your tweet in 140 characters, its about being creative. How well you can showcase your tweet in a way different than others who are just in the flow and tweeting irresponsibly.

What I did was, it was 29th Feb and it was Oscars 2016 awards show time. The whole world was waiting to see who will get the Oscars and it was so thrilling to watch people talking about this big event. I waited for some time and analysed what others are saying about this show using #Oscars. As soon as the announcement was made for Leonardo DiCaprio getting the Oscars, immediately I took this opportunity and framed my mind to do something different and what I did was,,,,,,,Read below

I searched for a perfect description for Leonardo DiCaprio with a gif image that summarises on how he missed to get the Oscars many times and acquired it this time (You can see that gif in my tweet).

Gif image credits to pictoline

So the bottom line is its not about how well you write a tweet, its about what excites people at that moment. I tweeted using that Gif image, including a link in the tweet that was intentionally used to get traffic to a post on Affimity.

Post shown below is where the link is redirecting to and this particular post got good unique visits because of my tweet.


Whenever you do a tweet in order to get some organic traffic for your website/blog, analyse the trends and don’t follow the crowd, be unique and quick.

Go try out yourself and let me know the results.

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