How to Get Awesome Results from Email Marketing

You regularly send finely written promotional emails, but your conversion rate is dismal? Do you believe email marketing is now becoming irrelevant? Are you planning to give up email marketing and focus only on social media marketing?

If yes, you may be doing a huge favor to your competitors by letting go of a chance to reach out to thousands of prospective customers, if not more. You might be doing something wrong, this post is just for you. We’ll show you why email marketing is critical to your success and how to get great results from it.

Why Should You Do Email Marketing?

There are about 1.5 times more email accounts worldwide than the number of Twitter and Facebook accounts. What’s more, email marketing’s average click-through rate is several times greater the than that of social networking sites like Twitter.

Take the cue and don’t shut down your email marketing campaign. Instead, improve it.

How Can You Make Email Marketing Work for You?

With consumers receiving a few dozen emails from marketers every day, it takes a lot more than mediocre emails to convince them to read your message and engage with you.

If you want to optimize your email marketing campaign, keep the following tips in mind.

Have Smart Subject Lines

Emails without a subject line usually end up in the recycle bin. Do you want that to happen to yours? If not, make sure they have an engaging subject because 47% of recipients open emails only on the basis of the subject line.

Make your subject lines more effective by keeping them short (3–4 words), as reports show that three- or four-word-long subject lines have the best response rate (48%).

What else?

  • Add an emoji into your subject line because this improves open rates by a whopping 45%.

  • Use the word “alert” in your subject line as this boosts open rates by as much as 61.8%.

  • Use creative subject lines to pique customers’ interests and encourage them to open your emails.

Include Great Content and a Call to Action

Your emails may have impressive open rates, but that alone will not improve your ROI.

To improve conversion rates, you need interesting content and an unambiguous call to action. Your prospective consumers will engage with you only if they read your emails.

You can make your emails more readable by clearly showing customers what’s in it for them and what they need to do to get the promised benefit. The importance of the latter can’t be emphasized enough. According to a survey, emails with a single call to action increase click rates by 371% and sales by 1,617%.

You should also give customers more than one option to engage with you by including multiple buttons in your emails.

Use Personalization

Last but not least, personalize your emails extensively, because customers don’t care much for impersonal emails, and your competitors probably know this fact and are leveraging it.

A report shows that 94% of companies believe personalization is absolutely crucial to their current and future emails. So follow the crowd’s wisdom and make your emails personal by addressing customers by their names.

Another thing you can do is help them before they ask for it. This shows them you care. For instance, if a customer has purchased a product or service, send her an email with tips and tricks to better use it. Then follow up with another email asking her if she needs further help.

What else you can do? Have a look at this infographic as it contains some smart email marketing hacks.

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