How To Increase The Page Likes of Your Business (Without Buying Likes)

So you want to get more people to like your Facebook Page without buying Likes?


Because as a social media marketing enthusiast, I’m telling you now buying those Likes is a waste of your money. They won’t give you real engagement which is what your Facebook Page needs in order to grow more.

You may be thinking right now “ok, great. Now it will take me a lot of work and a miracle to increase the Likes on our Facebook Page because nobody knows our product!”

Well, that may be true. Nobody knows about your product yet but that doesn’t mean it will take you a lot of working hours to achieve this. You can save a lot of hours working as long as you work smart on this.

I’m going to share with you here excellent Facebook tips from the experts and brainstorm ideas to get more Facebook Page Likes or Facebook Fans this year.

Just like some other things in life, you need to know the WHY first before you can start answering the HOW.

Why Do People Even Follow A Facebook Page

How to increase page likes

Ever wonder why we follow certain Facebook Pages? In my case, I follow some Pages for three reasons:

My Facebook friends asked me too (which is totally fine with me because it’s just a Like and I want to be supportive)

    1. I am a fan of them (yes, I follow Robert Downey Jr., who doesn’t?)
    2. I am a fan of their product (I love Buffer, of course I’ll follow them)

As a matter of fact to help you save time asking more people why they follow Pages, Dave Kerpen, cofounder and Chairman of Likeable Media, shared on his book Likeable Social Media, How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (and Other Social Networks) the top 10 reasons consumers like Fan Pages on Facebook (based on report from CoTweet & ExactTarget).

And the top 10 reasons are…

To receive discounts and promos

    1. To show support for brand to friends
    2. To get a “freebie” (e.g., free samples, coupons)
    3. To stay informed about company and activities
    4. For updates on future projects
    5. For updates on upcoming sales
    6. Just for fun
    7. To get access to exclusive content
    8. To learn more about the company
    9. For education about company topics

Are the reasons why you follow or like Facebook Pages included here? Best to test these reasons out and see which one will increase your Page Likes insanely high per week.

Brainstorm Idea: Ask yourself and your team what makes you follow some Pages and list down all the reasons why. When you know the reasons, you can use them as leverages to increase your Facebook Page Likes like crazy

How To Increase Page Likes Using The Whys

increase page likes

Now that you know why people follow or like Facebook Pages, where do you even mention these reasons or put these baits, right?

Here’s where:

    1. Emails
    2. Auto DMs (If you are using following tools such as CrowdFire or Statusbrew)
    3. On your other social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)
    4. Posters or Products (If you aren’t a website)

Growing Facebook Page – The Long Term Way

What I gave earlier are just alternatives to buying Likes and if you want to keep the numbers rolling.

If you’re in no rush to grow your Facebook Page and want to establish a good foundation, brace yourself… here are the ultimate 7 questions you need to answer in order to get the right Fans or Likes. Getting likes is good but getting likes from your target audience (aka the right people) is wayyy even better.

Mike Gingerich, social media marketing expert and TabSite Co-Founder, is the one who made this useful infographic list together with Visme.

Increase Facebook likes Infographics

Brainstorm Idea: Answer these questions as a team so you can see if all of you are on the same Page, see how deep you know the company, and determine who are your target market.

Don’t Forget This When Growing Your Facebook Page

It’s no brainer increasing and growing your Facebook Page is a difficult thing to do particularly if you’re just a new company and have less than 100 friends.

The good news is that there are thousands of helpful articles on the web right now about successfully doing Facebook marketing.

Work smart, research ideas, test them and stick to what works.

Goodluck! 🙂

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