When to Send Emails: A Sneak-Peak into Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels in the digital world. And, like any other means of marketing communication, every marketer should understand it well, before implementing it any campaigns.

You can find many fascinating facts about email marketing in the infographic compiled by the marketing team of “Website Builder.”  Find out the answers to the most important questions and see how impactful a finely tuned email campaign can be.

Whom to send?

What to send?

When to send?

Which wording is the most attractive?

These are some major questions that need to be answered and planned accordingly beforehand in successful email marketing campaigns. Statistical data always helps us to make reasonable judgments, and this is what the infographic is here to offer.

Now, let’s dig into some statistical data and find answers of one of the most crucial aspects of every email campaign: when to send?

According to HubSpot, Monday (18%), Tuesday (20%) and Wednesday (18%) are the days of a week that see the most email opens. Thursday has 15%, and Friday has 8% open rate. Saturday and Sunday are the worst days for sending promotional emails. Saturday has -107% open rate, while Sunday has -128% open rate.

Not surprising at all, right? In the end, people like to relax on these days and avoid work-related activities. Marketers should always keep that in mind.

As for the best time of a day for sending out promotional emails, statistics say the following:

  • 10 a.m. scores the highest open rates.  

  • 8 p.m. ranks second in high numbers of open and click rates. Many people check their emails before getting ready for bed.

  • 2 p.m. receives the third highest open rates. Usually, it coincides with the end of lunch hour for most people. Going back to your workstation is a good moment to check your inbox and sort through eventual new messages.

  • 6 a.m. is the fourth most efficient time for sending out emails. As most people start their day as early as 6 a.m., they check their emails right from the bed. It is another way of saying “Good morning!”.

Furthermore, sending emails once a month has the highest open rate of 25.24%, while sending them twice a month has highest conversion rates with 0.27%. That pretty much covers the “how often” part of our dilemma, doesn’t it?

Now, a single question remains to answer here: is this information relevant to all businesses out there?

Sadly, it is not. One business’s best sending time may or may not be the same as another one’s. After all, every email list is comprised of unique individuals who have their own habits. Even though it is always great to have an informed head start based on statistical data, it is also best to test the waters first. Research your target audience thoroughly and tailor your email marketing strategy accordingly.

Here is the infographic you can refer and adjust your email marketing strategies,

email marketing infographic

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