Top 15 Growth Hackers Reveal Their Favourite Tools

Top Growth Hackers Reveal Their Favourite Tools:

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Growth Hackers Secrets

Growth Expert Who is He/She? The Best Growth Hacking Tool They Use
Phil LaBoon Inc Magazine 2016 Top Marketing Influencer. CEO, Eyeflow Marketing One of the most cost effective growth hacking tools I’ve seen recently is the use of contest software to help grow social engagement very cheaply. We have campaigns that generates thousands of real followers for pennies on the dollar compared to traditional strategies. Some of the software we use are Shortstack, Gleam, and Heyo.
Sam Hurley Ranked #2 Global Digital Marketing Influencer | Director | Social 👍SEO ✔Growth Hacking 👍CRO ✔PPC 👍Analytics ✔ StartAFire is AWESOME. It applies a badge containing a link to your content on any link you share. So, when you curate articles and publish them across social media, your face will pop-up on the article even though it’s housed on another website. You can direct visitors back to your favourite site content and always be in mind.
Quentin Lacointa Growth Coach – Growth Tribe Academy.
Cofounder @GrowthTribe, Founder @FrStartupsIO
My favorite tool at the moment is  You can create any apps very quickly, using a spreadsheet as a backend without having to write a single line of code. This is a great way to create any engineering as marketing tools to grab email addresses for your business.   Most of the time, engineering as marketing (best example is the website grader from Hubspot) takes time to test and see if it is worth it to spend more time on it. With Bubble we are now able to test our MVPs super fast and anyone can do it.
Anna Rehermann Founder at Growth Hacking Asia – Stanford university One of my favourite tools is Ghostery. It shows you what applications are tracking you on the web pages you visit and allows you to block individual or all tracking software. We at Growth Hacking Asia use it heavily for competitor research. Seeing the tools competitors use gives us a good idea of how they run their marketing campaigns and also allows us to discover interesting new tools.
Vincent Dignan Just written the best selling growth hacking book ever on a crowdfunding platform. Founder @MagnificHQ. Did @Techstars. He helps startups grow Audiense- the best way to scrape Twitter and instagram.
Tom Gorski Inbound #Marketing & #SaaS Growth Hacker – Founder & CEO @SaasGenius & @InboundWay For me it’s Brand24, an online monitoring tool which I use mostly for social selling. I track some SaaS-related keywords to find prospective customers talking about their pain points (like not being able to find the right tool for a given job) or actively looking for online recommendations of tools. This way, I get to contact people interested in exactly what SaasGenius has to offer, without having to rely on cold lead advertising so much. It’s like a natural conversation – they ask, you answer and invite them to give your site a try. Simple, but it works. The great thing about social listening is that these people are already out there and you can find and engage them with one simple app.
Adrien Daniele Growth Hacker – Président
My fav GH tools are Woopra & Hotjar.  Woopra because it is user friendly & you can explain it easily to your collegues or co-workers.   Hotjar because it shows you that a often the simpliest page is the best thing, with a simple message & call-to-action.
Hila Qu 曲卉 Growth Marketing & Analytics Manager at Amplitude – User level Analytics tool that allows you to visualize user behavior flow, construct conversion funnel, and calculate retention cohort data
Using this data can help you find focus area to run tests
Laura Moreno 15+ Years in Growth, Conversion Rate Optimization & Marketing | Host of the Growth Hacking Podcast | Gratitude Addict The best one for me is Hotjar because it let’s you talk to your users and collect fantastic quantitative and qualitative data.
Nichole Elizabeth SaaS Consultant & Customer Success Evangelist. Founder at Authentic Curation. Moderator at @ProductHunt & @GrowthHackers. Previously: Growth at @InboundOrg. Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively.
Nir .V Shemesh Chief Growth Consultant. CEO of Tattoo Crowd is a great tool to increase instagram followers. All you do is put in hashtags that your target audience may use and it automatically goes and likes all the posts. You can further target by location as well. They have a 14 day free trial as well so you can see if it works before you pay
Milan Stancevic Product Manager at Quantox Technology
CEO & Founder at Rent for event – Iznajmljivanje opreme i organizacija događaja
Mockup and project management tools
And later Google Analytics
Dillon Scott Growth Hacker at Remoov. Founder & CEO Swappel Well it’s hard to pick just one tool because there are so many in the toolkit. If i’m going to pick just one and it’s going to be universal for everything I’d have to say Python, the programming language. Mainly because I can use it to code and do so many different automated and unique things. Connections with API’s for automated growth, you can use it to scrape content, scrape for competitors, seed users, automate PR, research influencers, research other platforms covering your niche, A/b test landing pages, content distribution automation, connect with social API’s such as FB, twitter, linkedin and so many more for some really unique things.  Growth hacking is about thinking outside the box and finding new and creative ways to reach your target market in a way that’s completely automated. For me to accomplish most of my wacky growth hacking ideas you need a universal tool that can be applied or used with just about anything… which is why I choose programming 🙂Yesterday, Dillon Scott said the following:Hope that helps! I’d love to write more for you and discuss the topic in depth, after all this is my passion.
Matt Tanguay Growth Hacker at Agile Growth. Former Co-Founder at Optimizer
Former CEO & Chief Visual Facilitator at Fluent Brain
For the tool, I’d say Inspectlet and Google Analytics. Inspectlet because  you can view user sessions and heatmaps. I’d also say that “scrapers” are very useful, to scrap email addresses and other info from leads
Sorav Jain Sorav Jain is an entrepreneur, digital and social media marketing consultant, trainer, author, speaker. He spearheads echoVME, a self funded organization which aims at delivering world class Digital and Social Media Marketing skills. These days it has been Email. Automated Email Marketing efforts have been doing quite well. The entire process of lead generation directly connecting it to Email too l through leads bridge helps me automate the entire process and also make crucial content reach immediately to the people who subscribe or make enquiry.
Hrish Thota Director – Digital Marketing, DDB Mudra My favorite Digital Marketing tool is LikeAlyzer which analyzes your Facebook page and gives more interesting and actionable insights than Facebook Insights itself. It gives you a Likeability score out of 100 and also ranks you among similar brands to understand where your brand is positioned among them. I particularly like their post timing analysis which tells you when most of your followers seem to be active so that you can plan to post during that time. It also analyzes the length of your post based on the kind of the engagement that you are getting and suggests you what is the optimal post length you should have. It could differ from page to page depending on the kind of fans that you have. The highlight of the analysis by LikeAlyzer is that it gives actionable recommendations up front which ensures that brand managers can make those changes and analyze the page after couple of months to ensure that the Likeability score has improved.
Hitesh Rajwani Head Social Samosa There is no absolute choice in terms of Digital Marketing Tools. You hack growth with your instinct, wit and application of various tools. Since we are in the business of content marketing and native advertising my personal favorite is BuzzSumo as the tool serves my need comprehensively. Right from spotting trends to identifying niche influencers or competitive analysis the tool does it all. There enough and more tools out there, what matters is how well you funnel it down towards your growth hacking objectives
Malhar Barai Co-founder at Buzzing Digital – A 360° Digital Media Agency based in Bangalore I would say buzzsumo. For it’s ability to find trending content
based on keywords and it gets updated every hour.
Rishabh Dev Growth Hacker and Managing Director at MappLinks I’m a big fan of Hootsuite. The hidden potential of Hootsuite Publisher, combined with the power of specific search filters on social media streams, make Hootsuite a great social growth marketing tool.
Aditya Ahluwalia Founder @DIKY, @Kukie @Sentiments, Traveller, Entreprenuer My best growth hacking tool is Sniply. The simple reason because it helps me overlay my links on anybody else’s content. This is really helpful when you know what kind of content your TG likes to read and you don’t have a content team building it out. You can simply pick up relevant trending articles, overlay your business link on it and share it on social media for maximum impact. Free alternative to the same is

Hope this information gives you enough idea about the top tools used by Growth Hackers around the world.

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