YouTube Hacks and Strategies For Beginners

Easy YouTube Hacks:

Many times we just miss the things that really matter & YouTube is one such platform where many ignore. We think YouTube is just for playing videos and having fun but my friend, it’s more than that.

This place where many ignore is such a powerful platform when used properly for your Marketing activities. I mean, you can get a fair amount of traffic if you want to. Come, let’s talk some magic talks that can help you.

If you are in a B(Business) to C(Customer) type of organization then it’s cool. Your target is easy and using YouTube helps you. YouTube can help even more if you’re in these kinds of businesses such as social media platforms, content generating/news websites, E-commerce, event management, band/artist, ad agencies etc.

YouTube Hacks

Boost Your YouTube hacks With These Tips:

  1. In the YouTube search tab, use keywords of your interest. Keywords that strongly relate to your industry. 
  2. You get a list of results then apply filter  – Upload date > This week or this month so that you have ‘first commenter advantage’ on these fresh videos.
  3. With the new set of results, click on each person’s feed/channel on YouTube & look for the videos having less than 200 subscribers (These are the hungry souls) & less than 500 views.
  4. Click on such videos that match above criteria (not a hard and fast rule) then look for their recent video on their feed.
  5. Prepare different versions of comment text that should include – Appreciating their work and effort > Creating a need > Pitching your brand in between (inserting the particular UTM link you want to track) > Call to action > End with a happy note.
  6. Check on analytics whether these guys signed up and follow up if not. 
  7. When people reply back to your comments, it’s a clue they are interested in your proposal.
  8. Check out the ‘Trending Videos‘ on YouTube and look for recent videos on top that might be related to your industry. Before making any comment on the videos, be sure to have a cool write-up about the particular video on your website that you are commenting on so that you can use the same write-up link that links back to your website. The video owners might appreciate your work.
  9. All you need to try is to be the top commenter on the videos you comment. Be controversial and also be original. Don’t copy paste your comment.
  10. This Theme works on YouTube – ‘Feed the Hungry Soul’. Look for people who want popularity and attention. Talk good to them & deliver some value.

See below, how I used some tactics to get some attention from these artists,

YouTube commenting

YouTube commenting

You too can try these simple tips and explore more. Hope you enjoyed reading these magic tricks.

Comment below, if you have any queries.

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